Student Support Adults (SSA)
(Student-based Support People)
(Mentors, advisors, advocates, counselors and encouragers)
Who can be an SSA?
  • A reliable adult
  • An adult who has time, at least once a week, to meet with a student
  • An adult committed to student success and the mission of the school
  • An adult who has had a background check

SSA Expectations
  • Spends Weekly time with a Student(s)
  • Access to school work
  • Frequent check-in
  • partnered with an Instructor
SSA training and qualifications
  • Must go through Odysseyware training including tech troubleshooting, and grade tracking,
  • Must abide by  school policies
  • Training is done by the Director of the school, or the C.O.O

NWAllprep also has a need for adults to help us coordinate activities, evaluate curriculum and serve to advise us on policy creation and changes.
Want to be an SSA? Please contact us at
503-313-4114  or 503-313-6836
or email us at
to get more details