Office Address:
237 Chkalov Suite 105
Vancouver, Wa 98684

Phone: 360-828-0205
Fax: 360-260-9777

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Email Tami at

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Contacting Staff
It is expected that every student will communicate with their teacher daily via Odysseyware, email, text message, or phone call.
Teachers are expected to set up regular communication that meets the needs of each student. Students and their teacher are also expected to have a weekly Face to Face meeting in the student's home, an agreed on location, or in an Ed Center or the NWAllprep office. Face to Face meetings can be every two weeks if the student and teacher are taking advantage of other communication technology such as SKYPE.

NWAllprep is committed to having face to face contact opportunities and local office hours. The above locations represent clusters of students who are enrolled with NWAllprep.

Should students enroll from other locations we will set up an office, or use an Ed Center, in the area. Students are also expected to use our office, and or and Ed Center, for student-student interaction and group work, as needed.

There is also the possibility that in areas with fewer students that a family will open up their house as a "once a week Ed Center."

Very remote students are expected to use online or phone systems to facilitate regular face to face meetings with the teacher.

Staff Contact information for students and families:

Vancouver: 237 Chkalov, Vancouver, WA 98684
The Vancouver office is open to students daily from
8.00 am to 4.00 PM on regular school days
      Call 360.828.0205

Tim King
Director, Principal, Teacher
Phone or text: 503-313-6836
Besides being the school Prinipal Tim
works directly with Students in Central and Eastern Washington, White Salmon, Bellingham and the Olympic Penisula.
Subject Strength - Math and Science

Tami King 
Co-Director, Student Data, State Compliance, Odysseyware

Luda Bondar
Executive Assistant, Russian and Ukraine
360-260-9777 fax  - office

Ashley Danielson
Running Start Program Director
Works with, and monitors, our Running Start students to help ensure their success throughout their experience

Charlotte Wilson
Phone or text: 360-608-8378
Charlotte works with students in Vancouver and the greater Vancouver area. Subject strength -  English

Meaghan McDonald
Teacher, Special Ed Director/Teacher
Meaghan works with all of our Special Ed students and their teachers, as well as students in the Vancouver area.
Subject strength - Elementary Education and Special Ed.

Brad Sprague
Brad works  mostly with students in the Vancouver area, but also has students throughout the state
Subject strength: endorsed in all core subjects
Brad is also one of the State's leading advocates/experts for alternative education and is the Director of Washington's Alternative Education Association

Molly Wilson
Molly works with students on the I -5 corridor from Tacoma to Vancouver.
Subject strength: Elementary Education

Nancy Gudeman
Nancy works with students in the Centralia region. She meets/tutors/teaches students, and student groups, in her house
Endorsed in all core areas

Poncho Trevino
Subject strength: Health and PE

Melanie Osborne
Student Coach, Juvenile Probation Counselor

Angela Marchuk
Student Coach, Russian and Ukraine

Anna Krivolapova
Student Coach and Director of ELL, Russian and Ukraine