WSLP Curriculum
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All courses are year long unless specifically labeled otherwise
Online courses have Learning goals and Objectives embedded into the course at the start of each unit
Courses that are not online have the Learning Goals and Objectives in the course descriptions

On average, a student should spend approximatly 6.5 hours each normal school week on each course in order to complete the course by the end of the year.

Students are expected to spend a minimum of 25 hours each week completing their school work for all their courses.

Course descriptions for Odysseyware courses can also be found at:

Northwest Allprep WSLP Course Information
For Odysseyware Courses

1)EARL: All Odysseyware courses have been aligned to EARL standards. The alignment can be found at:

2)Graduation requirements can be found at:
All courses listed for High School can fulfill graduation requirements

3)Course description: note that course goals and objectives are embedded into the first unit of each course. Course information can be found at

4)Requirements to Pass: Student must maintain a passing percentage of 65%

5)Evaluation timeline. Students can access their progress, grade, at any time through the software. Parents can access the students grade at any time through the parent login. Teachers evaluate student work weekly. Teachers formally evaluate student progress each month.

6)Instructional materials needed: If any additional instructional materials are needed, outside of a device which can access the internet, the list of materials can be found at , this list can be modified by agreement with the instructor.