Personalized Education

Maximizing the student's learning potential by helping them make the best choice combinations from a large, flexible, list of options that will stimulate and challenge the student.
The Educational "magic bullet" is understanding that there is no magic bullet
The trick is to develop tools and protocols that will help us determine what educational choices will optimize each student's learning during any given time period
Educational choices
  • College courses (on Community College Campuses for both High School and College credit)
  • Online college courses
  • Online  courses for grades 3 - 12 including Odysseyware
  • Enrichment courses taught by our teachers
  • classes from partner educational institutions
  • Service learning courses
  • School to Work courses including Internships
  • Independent projects
  • Teacher lead Independent projects
  • Competitive team learning
  • Travel Learning - field trips

How do we currently help a student determine which Educational Choices are best?

1) Listen to the parents (they are the experts on the child, we are the  experts on the Educational Choices). Ask what has worked in the recent past
2) Interview the student to find out what motivates the student
3) Talk to pevious teachers
4) Testing - look at the data and perhaps get more
5) Look at grades
6) Teach teachers to recognize when Educational Choices are being maximized
7) Adminstrator training
8) Always look to challenge the student to the next level

We are constantly be in search of new, and better, ways to help determine which educational choice combinations are best at any given time period