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Our Program

Curriculum for grades 3-12 is provided by OdysseyWare, an Arizona based company that has a long history of developing on-line curriculum.  All curriculum is designed to meet the Washington State Standards as defined by OSPI.  Parents and/or guardians in the elementary program administer their students’ coursework on a day-to-day basis, providing structure, guidance and academic support.  The NW AllPrep teacher/advisor is available on a daily, workday, basis to answer questions, and support the parent in these goals.  

In addition to the on-line curriculum, students in the program are invited to participate in on-site enrichment classes. Students also gather several times each year for field trips and social events. 

Students complete a Capstone Project their Senior year or participate in Running Start or an Internship.

Students at NW AllPrep are working towards being self-directed learners who are prepared to set and meet goals toward successful completion of school.  Parents and/or guardians of students should be available to monitor students’ coursework, and to provide structure, guidance and academic support.  Personalization of the diploma is paramount at NW AllPrep.  Each student is assigned an advisor who meets with the student, and usually a parent, to provide academic support and set goals toward meeting the student’s 4-year plan.  The NW AllPrep advisors are available to answer questions and support the student and parent in reaching these goals.  

Running Start

NWAllprep participates fully in the Washington State Running Start program.


Frquently Asked Questions

How much do we have to pay for this program?

NW AllPrep is a free, public school.  The only required cost incurred by families is the cost of installing and maintaining Internet connection, preferably high-speed.  Field trips and other optional activities, can require a small activity fee ($2-$8).  In addition, for high school students taking college classes through NW AllPrep, fees, books and supplies are the responsibility of the student.

How much is a student required to work?

NW AllPrep is a rigorous, academic program. As such, NW AllPrep students are required to work a minimum of 25 hours per week, though we encourage students to spend at least 30 hours/week working on their academics.  In addition, students are required to spend a minimum of 2 hours per week completing an individual physical education (PE) program.  Students completing no work for a period of 10 days or longer are at risk of being dropped from the program.

How often do I speak with my advisor?

NW AllPrep requires that students communicate with their Teacher/Advisor, either through phone, text, email, OdysseyWare or in person every day designated as a school day.  In addition, advisors schedule in-person meetings with students in their homes or other convenient locations or a synchronous digital meeting.

What about the state testing? 

State testing is required for all NW AllPrep students and will take place at a designated testing facility.  In the event of very extraordinary circumstances, testing can occur at the student’s home.

Can we choose or switch curriculum and level?

Yes, in coordination with the student’s advisor. If work in any subject matter is too easy or too challenging, NWALLPREP can accommodate a change.

What schedule does NW AllPrep follow?

NW AllPrep follows the Toppenish School District calendar.

Can we leave this program at any time?

Yes, just like a public school, you have the right to leave this program.

Is all the work done on the computer?

While NW AllPrep's core curriculum is web-based, students are required to complete projects, some of which are done off-line.  In addition, high school students are required to complete a Capstone project, both of which are done in the community.  All students are encouraged, but not required, to participate in hands-on experiences such as enrichment classes.

Do I need the Internet?

Yes, students must have access to the Internet. We recommend that the student have broadband Internet access, such as DSL or cable modem.

Who provides technical support?

NW AllPrep contracts with a technical support team. However, there may be some cases, such as warranty work, that will require the student/parent to contact the laptop manufacturer directly

How often must I get Online?

Please be aware of our attendance/drop policy (10-day-rule). 

We will drop any student that has done no work and has not contacted a teacher with "extenuating circumstances" after 10 calendar school days.  Students will not be allowed to reapply unless there are "extenuating circumstances" (a reason to believe they will be more successful if readmitted). Re-admittance will require a new, full application and district release form.

The student's resident district will be notified when the student is dropped for truancy purposes. Students will be sent a letter and must enroll in their local district immediately.