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The mission of Northwest AllPrep is to empower a community of parents, teachers, and community members in the education of students in a home learning environment by creating a learning community that offers academic and social support and prepares students for the transition to the world of work or post-secondary education.

Northwest AllPrep is committed to providing unique, flexible, and rigorous accredited education for students. By working closely with families, community and school districts, NW AllPrep provides a fully-supported, accessible curriculum for students grades 3 through 12 to prepare them for higher education or their future careers.


For our spanish or russian-speaking students

Learn at your own pace with personalized, at-home curriculum from NW Allprep.

work at Your Own Pace

With Carefully Designed At-Home Coursework

At Northwest AllPrep, students work at their own pace with the support and encouragement of our staff and community. Our personalized, self-paced, at-home learning curriculum prepares students for the transition to the world of work or post-secondary education and empowers them to succeed. OdysseyWare, our easy-to-use online education platform, allows students to easily register for classes, track their progress, and communicate with their teachers. 

Northwest AllPrep's flexible learning programs are perfect for students who struggle to thrive in traditional learning environments. We believe that innovative methods lead to the most powerful educational experiences, and that every student can succeed in their education when given the type of structure and support that works best for them.


learn on your own terms

With Our Personalized Curriculum

At Northwest AllPrep, we encourage our students to be self-directed learners. All of our curriculum, developed and administered by OdysseyWare, is designed to meet the Washington State curriculum standards as defined by OSPI.

We believe that a personalized approach to learning is paramount to student success, which is why every new student at NW AllPrep is assigned an advisor. Our advisors help new students and parents to identify learning goals and establish a 4-year plan, and they also provide general support to help students achieve these goals. Students communicate with their teachers and/or advisors daily.


get one-on-one support

From Our Dedicated Community

Northwest AllPrep involves families, educators and communities to create a learning culture that helps every student succeed. Our community-focused approach to learning, with an emphasis on relationship-building, is what sets NW AllPrep apart from other online schools. Students are required to communicate daily with their teachers and/or advisors, and encouraged to participate in on-site enrichment classes, field trips, and social events.

NW AllPrep's teachers and principal may also schedule regular in-home visits with students to provide customized, one-on-one support. 


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Northwest AllPrep is a state-approved, fully-accredited program, open to all students grades 3-12 in Washington at no cost. Our curriculum is based on the idea that innovative methods lead to the most powerful educational opportunities. Our flexible program makes this possible! 


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